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1-Q: I was involved in a car accident and I think the other driver is faking her injuries. What should I do?

A-Let your insurance company know your thoughts. They won't pay any more than they think it's worth.

2-Q: Insurance company said my car is totaled and it is still drivable. Do I have the right to second opinion?

A-Totaled means the cost of fixing is more than the book value.It could be driveable but because of age it's book value is low. They aren't required to pay more than book value. Example: you own a 67 Chevy, good to 230,000k You have 120k and they offer you book value of $300. If that's the book, then even if it's totally driveable, it's their option--not yours.

3-Q: I got in a car accident and I had to have surgery. My truck is totaled. What can I do?

 A-You need to contact a member of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association --they give free consults. You need to know your rights. Apply for medical assistance to help with the hospital bills if you don't have insurance. Even if the wreck was your fault you may have a "crash-worthiness" case you should discuss with the Texas Trial Lawyer you meet with.

4Q: My son lied about the location of a car accident to an insurance claim, Will he be charged?

A-There are two parts to this question: (1) leaving the scene of an accident can range from a misdemeanor to a felony, depending on the degree of damage or injury. (2) Insurance fraud is another issue that may arise. Please be aware that claims made to an insurer are recorded and can be used in a criminal proceeding.

5Q: I was in an accident that has totaled my car. The other insurance company does not want to take full responsibility.

A- Insurance companies will often dispute liability because it can save them money. You should contact an attorney in your area to handle your claim. Make sure to find someone with experience, who you feel comfortable with, and who will file suit (if necessary). Once you find a lawyer to fight for you, leave the worrying to him or her.

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Car Wreck, Personal Injury & Mesothelioma Lawyer FAQ


Being entangled in a personal injury accident can be a traumatizing and distressful experience. Severe injuries mostly cost substantial financial losses in the form of lost wages and medical bills. Being hurt and in need of medical compensation for treatment, may raise a lot of confusion to the affected victim. In most cases, victims lack knowledge on how they should categorize the nature of the incident and the compensation procedures. Below are personal injury, car wreck, Mesothelioma lawyer FAQ

What is the Meaning of Personal Injury?
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Personal injury is a severe damaging action through negligence towards an individual or public. The law in this category can involve various types of accidents like failure to diagnose cancer, wrongful death, pharmaceutical negligence, toxic torts, child abuse, amputations, birth and neonatal injuries, spinal cord and brain injuries. Other incidents may be product liability, medical malpractice, car accidents, premises liability, workplace injuries, motorcycle accidents, and truck accidents.

What should I do after a personal Injury Incident?

It is advisable to seek medical attention and keep the records to back up your case. It is challenging to get compensated if you do not acquire the proper documents concerning your injuries. Hire an attorney for personal injury incidents to advice and lead you throughout the claim process.

What is the Role of a Personal Injury Attorney?
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Some personal injury claims are complex and involve several parties besides the accident victims. In most cases, you may deal with insurance firms who their lawyers may favor to the benefit of the insurer. Hire your experienced personal injury lawyer who will:

• Intervene through discussions with the insurance firm and ensure you get a fair settlement of the claim
• Examine the cause of injury and create a valid case against the party at fault.
• Be the mediator between the lawyers involved and insurance firms to ensure well representation of the statement.
• Value your application by evaluating the distress and losses you have encountered.

Lawyers have vast experience and understanding of regulations and laws surrounding your claim. It is paramount to have someone who understands the ins and outs of court proceedings and rulings governing personal injury. For lack of this knowledge, you may ignore an essential piece of information or get distressed of the processes following your injury.

When Can I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you file a claim and there is dispute by an insurer or failure to get awarded for the injuries, consider hiring a lawyer. Seeking legal advice immediately after the occurrence of damage is essential. In case you require medical treatment, ensure to prioritize your recovery. The lawyer can handle all the necessary logistics to focus on your healing first.

Seeking legal consultation from your barrister will give you clarity on suffered losses and any wages lost from an inability to work. The attorney will then use the information to estimate the claim value and compile a winning case. It is advisable to file a claim within the stipulated timeframe or else you lose the right to pursue repayment.

How Much Would it Cost to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?
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Cost implications before and after an incident is a significant consideration for every individual or firm. In the event of a claim, it is vital to discuss the charges with your attorney before engagements. Most lawyers believe in justice and focus on getting their victims compensated. After which they receive a contingent fee.

What is Contingent Fee?

Most law firms operate on contingent fee which means they only get paid after a successful closure of a claim. The company is funded a certain percentage of the total value of compensation or judgment just after winning the case. If the attorney loses the application, then you have no obligation to pay.

Is it Possible to Know the Value of My Claim?

The conditions within which your damage occurred and losses experienced, determines the worth of personal injury entitlement. The skilled lawyer analyses any financial losses incurred during initial consultations. Some of which may be medical expenditures, loss of earning capacity, property damage (where applicable), and lost wages. The attorney may also file compensation against emotional distress, loss of consortium, pain and suffering, punitive damages and loss of enjoyment. It is important to note that each case is unique.

Is it Possible to Know if I’m Eligible for Compensation?
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That is why you should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer. Not every incident gets settled automatically. Awarding of an accident is determined after review by an experienced professional lawyer. If the attorney can establish that another person is responsible for your accident through negligence, then there may be eligibility.

Can I Get Covered if I’m Unable to Work After the Injury?

It is possible depending on the circumstances within which the accident occurred. The compensation may be temporary until recovery or extended for a period the party is not able to work. Personal injury lawyer will have to establish through facts the underlying conditions that will necessitate compensation. For one to get settlement the inability to work must be as a result of the injury.

Is it Difficult for Me to Handle the Case on My Own?
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In case of an incident, individuals may opt to settle the matter promptly and move on with life. It is vital to understand the dangers of walking alone. The lawyers representing the negligent party will always take advantage if you have no attorney of your own. Hiring a barrister to serve you in personal injury accident ensures you are not taken advantage of by the other party.

Contract an expert legal counsel with explicit knowledge of handling personal injury cases. He will compile all specific information to certify your damage and make sure you receive compensation. If the negligent party fails to cooperate, your lawyer can file the case in court.

The personal injury lawyer FAQ can be well addressed through approaching experienced attorneys. The victim questions are unique depending on the type of injury and the specific state law and regulations. A skilled barrister will make certain that your claim receives fair treatment. Consider contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer who will be a valuable asset to you and your family.

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Seeking Help From A Personal Injury Attorney Waco Texas


A personal injury attorney can help you in several ways when you fall victim to a personal injury. Cases that involve personal injury need to be handled by a personal injury attorney that specializes in your specific area of injury. It is never wise to reach a settlement with any type of insurance company without first consulting a personal injury attorney. They can help you obtain payment for a number of different areas, including lost wages, pain and suffering, medical bills, rental car fees if it applies to your personal injury case, and distress payments. Your personal injury attorney will fight to get you the highest possible settlement. Most often you will find that personal injury attorneys will offer a free consultation to go over your case and see if they can provide you some assistance in the matters at hand.


What Is Considered A Personal Injury?


There are a number of injuries where one can file a personal injury claim. The most popular personal injury would be an automobile collision. This is a very common problem as there are hundreds of thousands of collisions every year. Medical malpractice would also fall under personal injury and this is when a physician willfully provides inadequate treatment that result in an injury or death to you or a loved one. Another type of personal injury is any injury that is caused by a defective product. Nursing home abuse has become more common and the victims’ family can seek advice from an attorney when they feel their loved one is being abused or neglected. All of the above are cases that many personal injury attorneys deal with on a regular basis.


How To Find A Personal Injury Attorney Waco Texas


There are several ways to find an attorney who can help you with your specific personal injury. You should do some research and find one that has low fees, a good reputation, and who is willing to work with you directly on your case. There are several methods of research. The yellow pages can offer you a list of personal injury attorneys in your area. If you have the time to look online, you can find a more detailed description of the services that are offered. You may even find testimonials from others who have dealt with the specific attorney you are considering contacting. Fees will vary with some as high as 40% and others below 25%. Find the one that you feel comfortable with and then contact them for a free consultation.

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Everything That You Need To Know About Injury Attorneys


There is so much information that you need to know about when it comes to injury attorneys, and so if you or someone that you know has been hurt in an accident, you really are going to want to read on so that you can learn more about injury attorneys, including how you can find a great one when you need one. 

Finding Good Injury Attorney Waco Texas


When it comes to finding injury attorneys, there are so many different options that are available to you that it can often be incredibly arduous and frustrating simply trying to decide on which one of the many different injury attorneys you should go with.


However, as long as you take some time and put some effort into this process, then you really should have no problems and you should come out with some really great results.


One of the first things that you are going to want to do is figure out how much you are actually going to be able to spend, so that you will not end up going overboard and so that you can get the best worth for your money that you can.

 Lawyer FAQ

Once you have established the amount of money that you can spend, then the next thing that you are going to want to do is make an appointment with each of them, so that you can get to know them at least a little bit, and see whether or not you get along with them, because after all you are going to be spending a lot of time with them.


Particularly if your case is especially lengthy or complex, you are going to be spending hours a week with this person, and so you obviously then are going to want to make sure that you get along with whichever lawyer you choose.


Just remember that one of the most important factors here of all is to take your time, and to make sure that you have patience, so that you can find the best lawyer, the one that works the most perfectly and cooperatively with you and who takes your interests to heart, and so that you thus can come out with the absolute best possible results that you can.


Even though there are hundreds of different lawyers that you have to choose from, as long as you take these steps into consideration, you should have no problems.

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Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney Who Specializes In Drug Charges


Have you been arrested for using, selling, possessing, trafficking or manufacturing marijuana or any other controlled substance? If you can answer yes to that question, then you are in need of a criminal defense attorney who specializes in drug related charges. Once you have been arrested, you will have to appear in front of a judge. Appearing in court without proper representation is not wise, and you could end up with a felony conviction. The drug laws vary from state to state, so you will need a criminal defense attorney who knows and practices law in the area where the offense was originated. Finding the right criminal defense attorney to take your case is the key to reducing or beating the charge altogether.




In many cases marijuana users can benefit from a criminal defense attorneys services. A public defender will not be able to provide an adequate defense where the outcome is positive for the offender. In some states marijuana is legal to some point, such as the use of medical marijuana. A public defender will advise you to plead guilty to make the charge go away, but a simple possession charge can easily be lowered to a misdemeanor by a criminal defense attorney. They are working for you, and a retainer is paid by you. When you use a public defender, it is at no cost to you, so they really have no reason to see that you get the lightest sentence or charge possible. The first marijuana possession offense is usually a misdemeanor and may result in a fine of a couple hundred dollars. The 2nd marijuana charge if not fought correctly could cause you to have a felony added to your record, with the possibility of 3 years in jail. A criminal defense attorney can help see that you avoid jail time altogether.


How Does A Felony Charge Affect You In The Long Run

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A felony charge can have serious repercussions for years to come. For instance, you will not be able to vote in elections, that right is taken away from you when you are convicted of a felony. Most employers will do background checks, and if you have a felony charge you may have trouble becoming employable. If you receive any type of drug charge you will never be able to get a government grant or financial aid for college. A criminal defense attorney can get you the best possible results when you are suspected of any type of drug related charges.

Common Types of Personal Injury Cases Waco Texas

  • Animal and Dog Bite
  • Asbestos
  • Assault
  • ATV Injuries & Accidents
  • Aviation Accidents
  • Battery
  • Birth Injury
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Car Accidents
  • Construction Worker Accidents
  • Defamation
  • Defective & Dangerous Products
  • Hookah Pipe Smoking Accidents
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Mesothelioma & Asbestos
  • Mold
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Oil Field Accidents
  • 18 Wheeler Accidents
  • Semi Truck Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Toxic Mold / Black Mold
  • Vehicle Accidents
  • Wrongful Death
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Bus Accidents
  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Work Place Accidents

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